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Two Town Halls - one Euro-Town. stage I


The project is being implemented as part of the cooperation programme UE INTERREG Brandenburg-Poland 2014-2020.

Implementation time: 01.04.2017 - 31.03.2020
Project cost: 590.000,00 EUR - funds from EFRR (85%) - 501.500,00 EUR
Budget of the town of Guben: 295.000,00 EUR
Budget of the town of Gubin: 295.000,00 EUR

The project aims at creating a cooperation network between social, economic and public partners in order to ensure constant integration of the Euro-Town Guben-Gubin. As a result of the integration of economy, administration and the citizens it will be possible to overcome mental, language and social and cultural barriers. The project will contribute to improvement of cooperation on the administrative level of the two towns as well as will facilitate integration of the citizens in all aspects of public life. Apart from that, the project will serve implementation of mutual undertakings as part of the economic promotion of both towns.

The project focuses on close cooperation in many areas, which will influence both towns and the whole region as well. Implementation of the project aims at creating a better cross-border region, in which the Euro-Town Guben-Gubin will play a role of an important economic centre. Creating a strong brand of an euro-town will lead to economic strength of the whole region as well as to the growth of its importance. For the citizens of the support area it is an opportunity to learn about the economic and tourist offer of the neighbouring town and to increase the number of meetings and events on both sides of the border. Furthermore, as a result of the project implementation the cross-border exchange of information and experience will improve because project activities give better possibilities for discussions and explanations of differences between the regulations of the two legal systems, which, in turn, will contribute to improvement of administrative procedures on the Polish-German border.
Adequate development of the twin town potentials can be ensured through mutual activities. Therefore, in order to make the towns distinguished on the cross-border area and avoid uneven development of the towns, it is advisable to act together and set new goals - only projects implemented together can create basis for cooperation, determine its area and provide better conditions for living of future generations of the Euro-Town Guben-Gubin.

Project activities are run on two levels:

  1. Integration of people and cooperation of administrations;
  2. Mutual promotion of the town and the business

Activities planned:

  1. Regular meetings of the Board of the Euro-Town Guben-Gubin
  2. Meetings of the Town Councils of both towns
  3. In order to exchange experience study visits/workshops are planned for the members of committees/boards and councillors
  4. Similar study visits/workshops are planned for employees of both local offices. Their objective is to integrate and exchange ideas. They will be supplemented with training, for example, workshops on customer service, etc.
  5. In order to overcome the language barrier a Polish-German language course will be run for employees of both local offices
  6. In Gubin, in a close vicinity of the border bridge a Polish-German Contact Point will be set up, in which an employee will give information concerning the project, project partners as well as business cooperation and promotion in the Euro-Town
  7. Various forms of support for contacts between associations, sports clubs, institutions and citizens of the two towns are also offered. The employee of the Polish-German Contact Point will support such integration
  8. A legal advisor will render services in the Contact Point, who will be responsible for giving advise on the Polish and German law. His task will be to give support to companies which intend to start or expand their activities within the area of the Euro-Town
  9. The Town Forum will be organized in order to increase participation of and exchange of ides between the Euro-Town citizens
  10. Mobile phone application as a multimedia Euro-Town guide
  11. For the purpose of exchanging ideas a mutual Polish-German calendar will be made listing all events taking place in the Euro-Town
  12. The town of Guben has the INSEK strategy- the integrated strategy for town development, which defines directions of Guben development for the nearest years. Presently, Gubin does not possess a similar document, therefore, it will be undertaken to draw up mutual strategy for Guben and Gubin. According to this strategy a new document, which should be understood as a study of social-geographical and spatial framework conditions, will be elaborated. The document is supposed to serve as a basis for a mutual strategy of sustainable development of both towns as a cross-border centre
  13. Creating/ re-creating the project website and information on social media. Installation of a free of charge internet access ( hot spots WiFi) in order to ensure availability of the Euro-Town multimedia materials
  14. As an element of economic promotion of the Euro-Town and the related mutual marketing various advertising materials will be elaborated, for example brochures, catalogues, advertising gifts/ gadgets, information boards, commercials, radio broadcasts and articles in newspapers
  15. Project partners will participate in various fair events, they will act together on big events hosting many guests and exhibitors. It will be an opportunity for a better advertisement of the Euro-Town
  16. A specialist conference will be organized inviting the Euro-Town institutions
  17. Project results will be published in a brochure elaborated together which at the same time will be the project summary.
Image: Guben-Gubin