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Two Town Halls - one Euro-Town. stage II


The project is financed under the Cooperation Programme INTERREG VA Brandenburg-Poland 2014-2020

Project implementation period: 01.04.2020 - 30.06.2022
Project expenses: 494.985,78 EUR;  EFRR contribution (76,13%): 376.832,67 EUR including
the town of  Gubin (LP): 241. 985,78 €;  EFRR contribution (76,13%): 184.223,77 €
the town of Guben: 253.000 €;  EFRR contribution (76,13%): 192.608,90 €

About the project

The project „Two Town Halls- one Eurotown. Stage II” continues and develops the project "Two Town Halls- one Eurotown”. The project was approved for funding and was granted the funds (76,13%) under the Cooperation Programme INTERREG VA Brandenburg-Poland 2014-2020.

The aim of the project is to continue to intensify the integration of both administrations and citizens of the Eurotown Guben-Gubin on all levels of cooperation, focusing especially on strengthening and targeting the cooperation into economy, tourism and culture which should trigger social and economic development and improvement of living conditions of the Eurotown citizens.

The project, being implemented from April 1st, 2020 until June 30th, 2022, covers various activities as part of the cooperation in various topic areas, such as:

  1. Cooperation between the administrations:
  • Creation and operation of topic teams consisting of departments of substantial offices of both  towns and experts in  particular fields in order to elaborate a basis for  a common spatial planning, coordination of actions taken together and further intensification of the exchange carried out between  institutions of Guben and Gubin on all levels of cooperation,
  • Regular meetings of the joint Guben-Gubin Eurotown Committee,
  • Joint session of the two Town Councils,
  • Polish or German language courses for administrative workers, town institutions workers and for councillors with the purpose of overcoming language barriers,
  • Topic workshops ( the planned topics cover : natural environment and multicultural competence),
  • Journeys together and study visits in order to learn about „best practices” in other twin towns, or cross-border cooperation partners.
  1. Cooperation between citizens and institutions / Polish-German Contact Point (PNPK)

Goal: improving involvement of institutions and citizens in the cooperation and providing an effective access to information on both sides of the border owing to:

  • Operation of the Polish-German Contact Point (PNPK) in Gubin: information about the project, partners, cooperation and in relation to economic and tourist promotion of the Eurotown. Supporting contacts established between Polish and German associations, sports clubs, institutions and citizens of the Eurotown, as well as organizing consultations   for various institutions and experts,
  • Organization of the Town Forum in order to increase participation of citizens and exchange of ideas among the residents of the Eurotown through consultations.
  1. Joint economic and Eurotown promotion

The project provides for promotion and advertising activities in both towns, for example:

  • Visiting fairs and active participation in them, promotion events, cross-border events in Poland, Germany and Europe,
  • Developing the website and smartphone applications, media information, etc., The existing website is intended to be developed and made available to the disabled,
  • Elaborating various information materials and advertising articles, such as brochures, catalogues, information gadgets, advertising films as well as exhibition and fair elements.
  1. Joint tourist promotion, cooperation in tourism and culture

The project provides for carrying out joint activities intended for promotion of tourism in both towns, elaborating common tourist products, offer and solutions as well as showing the optimum path leading to tourist integration of Guben and Gubin by elaborating  a concept  of tourism development  in  the two towns Guben-Gubin.  The following activities have been planned as part of the project:

  • Participation in fairs, promotion events, cross-border events in Poland, Germany and Europe,
  • Providing a bilingual register of historical monuments, tourist attractions and pieces of art for Guben and Gubin and a map of both towns showing the location of the above in the urban space ( in a hard and soft copy), available at the website also for the disabled,
  • Providing the most important historical monuments and pieces of art with information boards in three languages( Polish, German and English) . The most important locations are also intended to be presented in Braille language,
  • Creating and marking tourist routes,
  • Elaborating the Cross-border Concept for Tourist Development  in the Eurotown Guben-Gubin (TKRTE) – its purpose is to increase the number of tourists from Poland, Germany and Europe and to initiate the process of creating and developing the mutual cross-border  tourist offer, available also to the disabled,
  • Development of the joint Polish-German event calendar for the Eurotown which will be linked to the website and smartphone application.
Image: Guben-Gubin