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Sculpture A Group of Bears (Ger. Bärengruppe)


Sculpture A Group of Bears (Ger. Bärengruppe)


This bronze sculpture with three playing bear cubs is located in the green courtyard of the European School. A tree trunk protruding about a meter from the ground serves as a seat for animals, an object for sharpening claws and as a hideout. The natural, gray-brown color of the material used and the realistically made texture make the fun scene really take place.

Historical background

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Information about the artists

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Artwork review

Due to the lack of any historical data about the sculptures and the artist, the artistic review could not be written.


Akazien Str. 10, 03172 Guben, Germany

Courtyard of the European School (Ger. Europaschule)

Year of creation/if applies changes

Date of purchase: 1980

Investor/architect/creator etc.
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Object's condition
Technical information

Height: approximately 1,6 m

Width: about 0,8 m

Depth: about 0,8 m

Material: bronze