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Sculpture Ponder (Ger. Sinnender (Musizierende Puppe oder Musikant))


Sculpture Ponder (Ger. Sinnender (Musizierende Puppe oder Musikant))


The sculpture is supported by a trapezoidal pedestal on which a human-like body (arms, legs, and head) in a sitting position is placed. The posture embraces a guitar-like musical instrument and practices.

Historical background

The sculpture is a gift to the city of Guben on the occasion of the 1985 World Day of Peace and the 750th anniversary of Guben.

“This sculpture […] was created […] along with other sculptures during the 6th Sculpting Symposium, which takes place every two years in Hoyerswerda, under the supervision of academician Jurgen von Woyski. Artists from socialist countries - one woman and nine men - designed over 11 sculptures in the general theme of "Experimental Friendship"; all of them were approached very individually, addressing the most pressing issues of human life".

Quotes from "City Walk" (Ger. Stadtspaziergang).

Information about the artists

  • Born 1938 (Russia) - died 2008 (Russia)
  • 1956-1960: studies at the Faculty of Arts and Graphics and at the Pedagogical University of North Ossetia
  • 1966: admission to the Union of Artists of the USSR
  • 1970s: Master in "small scale Fine Art".

Artwork review

Lazar Gadayev is "the most important sculptor of contemporary Ossetia and one of the greatest artists of multinational Russia. “He called [his Guben sculpture known as] as a poet, a" musical doll "(...), which owes its existence to the artist's personal experience. After the performance in the puppet theater, backstage, he saw a doll lying lifeless on the floor. Still holding the guitar in its hand, it seemed to be listening to fading notes. The artist thus understood how to arouse feelings and thus convey his fears".

Quote from "City Walk" (Ger. Stadtspaziergang)


City Park (Ger. Stadtpark), 03172 Guben, Germany

In the middle of the west path

Year of creation/if applies changes

Date of creation: 1982-1983

Date of purchase / handover: 1985, Jürgen von Woyski

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Lazar Gadayev
Object's condition
Very good
Technical information

Height: 2,00 m

Width: 1,30 m

Material: sandstone