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Sculpture The City (Ger. Die Stadt)


Sculpture The City (Ger. Die Stadt)


The plinth forms a square, flat stone slab. There is a square, angular foot "carrying" the "city", which looks like a syncline painting, full of various colors and spatial elements.

“On the high pedestal, at eye level, we see cubic forms that overlap in a pointed and flat manner so that our eyes are directed to this polis. At the bottom of the whole there are stairs, narrow streets and alleys in front of us. Houses of different heights lie close to each other. In the center of the polis there is a pointed turret and huge spatial dominants".

Quote from "City Walk" (Ger. Stadtspaziergang)

Historical background

The sculpture is a gift to the city of Guben on the occasion of the 1985 World Day of Peace and the 750th anniversary of Guben.

“This sculpture […] was created […] along with other sculptures during the 6th Sculpting Symposium, which takes place every two years in Hoyerswerda, under the supervision of academician Jurgen von Woyski. Artists from socialist countries - one woman and nine men - designed over 11 sculptures in the general theme of "Experimental Friendship"; all of them were approached very individually, addressing the most pressing issues of human life".

Quotes from "City Walk" (Ger. Stadtspaziergang).

Information about the artists

  • Born 1958 in Pritzwalk (Germany)
  • 1976-1978: pottery practice in Saalfeld
  • 1978-1983: studies at the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art, diploma in sculpture and ceramics
  • 1983: independent artist in Spremberg and Klein Loitz
  • 1993: main Prize of the Lower Lusatian European Biennale
  • 1995: work stay with a scholarship in Rio de Janeiro
  • 1996: 1st place in the "Kunst am Bau" competition
  • Participation in 15 international symposia, incl. in: Brazil, Italy, Armenia.

Artwork review

"The art of Solveig K. Bolduan is difficult, expressive - sculptures, paintings and installations are created in noisy colors. Her world is strong, rough, but sensitive and generous. She is also tolerant, but not afraid to express her own beliefs - hence there is no shortage of mockery and irony, including the Guben's sculpture The City. In exaggeration, she manages to create emotional expressions in delicate shades".

Quote from "".


Date of creation: 1982-1983

Date of purchase / handover: 1985, Jürgen von Woyski

Year of creation/if applies changes

Date of creation: 1982-1983

Date of purchase / handover: 1985, Jürgen von Woyski

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Soweig Boulduan
Object's condition
Technical information

Height: estimated 2 m

Width: estimated 1,20 m

Material: sandstone