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Entrance gate with a concierge of former Max’s Wilke mansion

Historical Monuments

Entrance gate with a concierge of former Max’s Wilke mansion


The brick gate with a gatehouse, made in the The Dutch Neo-Renaissance, is a remnant of the elegant city villa of Max Wilke, completely destroyed by a fire in 1945. The remaining entrance gate with a concierge are bordered by the Promenade am Dreieck to the south, to the west with green areas and an old tree stand, and from the east z Berliner Str. From the north, there is a covered passage with a tower and city gate. The previously mentioned northern, two-story tower is topped with a dome roof. The gable of the gatehouse was decorated with the initials M.W.

Historical background

Centrally located in Guben, the ornate entrance gate with the concierge building is a remnant of the beautiful villa of entrepreneur Max Wilke, grandson of the famous factory owner C.G. Wilke, who made the city of Guben world famous thanks to his hat made of waterproof felt. The initials of M.W., referring to the person of Max Wilke, grandson of Carl Gottlob Wilke, can still be found on the beautifully decorated top of the concierge. To the right of it, a monumental entrance gate for carriages and years laten also the first cars was built. Most of the villa burned down in February 1945 - its ruins could not be rebuilt. The surviving concierge and gate were sold to a private person.


Berliner Str. 45, 03172 Guben, Germany

Year of creation/if applies changes

Around 1900

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Architects Alfred Grenander and Otto Spalding
Object's condition
Technical information

Material: red brick and slate

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Available for viewing from outside 24/7