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Catholic-apostolic Church of Peace (Ger. Friedenskirche)

Historical Monuments

Catholic-apostolic Church of Peace (Ger. Friedenskirche)


The Church of Peace (Ger. Friedenskirche) is a small temple, somewhat hidden in the frontage of houses on Dr.-Ayrer-Str., between the Naemi-Wilke-Stift building and the Neisse. It is a brick one-hall building built in the Neo-Gothic style, closed with a gable roof. The entrance is composed by a portal and semi-columns and pilasters, topped with glazing resembling a barrel-cross form. Large windows have been built into the front and side facades. The whole is closed with a simple triangular gable, crowned in the middle with a small turret with a cross, and on the sides with pinnacles. The gable is additionally decorated from the inside with a serrated cornice. The red clinker bricks used were produced by the Germersdorfer Bierheim company. Inside a small, original gallery with organs and an interesting wooden ceiling can be seen.

Historical background

Little church on Dr.-Ayrer-Str. is another testimony to the religious diversity of the city of Guben. The Catholic Apostolic Congregation, founded in 1852, commissioned its construction in April 1886 to Masonry Master from Guben, Hartmann. Its official opening took place six months later. For over a hundred years, until 1993, a small congregation served here. Due to the insufficient amount of funds needed for conservation and renovation works, the community decided to sell the building. The new owner, the Community of the Evangelical Free Church (Ger.: Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde), prepared a renovation project as early as March 1994, redesigning the church according to its own needs. Apart from its main function, the temple is used as a cultural center where concerts and exhibitions are held.


Dr.-Ayrer-Str. 18, 03172 Guben, Germany

Year of creation/if applies changes

Official opening: 1886

Renovation and reconstruction: 1994

Object's condition
Technical information

Material: brick

Technology: massive

Practical Information

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