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Court prison and apartment building

Historical Monuments

Court prison and apartment building


The court prison is located in the center of Guben and is surrounded by monastery grounds. It is a four-storey red brick building with a two-storey extension to the south. The roof of the main building was oriented towards the west as a four-slope roof, while the extension and the west wing were closed with a gable roof. The exterior of the building is dominated by various in size, mostly barred arched windows with granite sills. Inside, the cell entrances and doors accentuated with clinker have largely been preserved.
To the west of the prison is a two-story red brick apartment building with a hipped roof that merges into a tow roof in the courtyard. The original spatial division inside the building has been largely preserved.

Historical background

Along to the construction of the new district court, a prison was built at the end of the 19th century on the site of a former Benedictine monastery. Opened in 1899, the building served as a prison for 110 inmates until 1962, regardless of the prevailing political mood. After its closure in 1962-1991, the building was used by the People's Police as a warehouse for materials. Just until recently the building has been left empty for many years - now it serves housing purposes.


Alte Post Str. 64, 03172 Guben, Germany

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Official opening: 1899

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Technical information

Material: brick

Practical Information

Open only to specific cultural events. The living area is closed to the public.