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Sprucker Mill (Ger. Sprucker Mühle) with renovated barn (Sprucker Mühle local history museum)

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Sprucker Mill (Ger. Sprucker Mühle) with renovated barn (Sprucker Mühle local history museum)


The main building of the mill, erected (again) in 1840, is located in the district of Altsprucke on the Schwarzer Fliess River. The two-storey building is L-shaped, solidly built and partly plastered on the outside. Red brick masonry can be seen plastered on the rear part of the building, which also houses hydraulic engineering systems.

Adjacent to the paved courtyard is the former barn. The two-storey brick building has round-arched windows and doors, symmetrically arranged air vents on the gable end and a small attic and is now used as an event space.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Historical background

The Sprucker Mühle, first mentioned in a document in 1363, gradually lost its importance as a grain grinding mill after the World War II. Finally, until it was shut down in 1970, only fodder was crushed and mixed. After the Guben municipality had acquired the property, the west wing of the building had been converted and expanded, it became a local history museum in which exhibits of pre- and early history, city history and folklore of the Guben area are exhibited.


Mühlen Str. 5, 03172 Guben, Germany

Year of creation/if applies changes
  • First documented mention: 1363
  • Destroyed by fire: 1561
  • Construction of the main building: 1840
  • Conversion: 1980-1985
  • Opening of the local history museum: 1985
Investor/architect/creator etc.
Guben bourgeois family Frank (probably)
Object's condition
Technical information

Material: brick

Technology: solid, plastered

Practical Information

Currently closed (as of July 2021) but can be visited from the outside 24/7.