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The exhibition Gubens Fabrics (Ger.: Gubener Tuche)

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The exhibition Gubens Fabrics (Ger.: Gubener Tuche)


"Gubener Tuche" is a combination of two individual, but thematically connected exhibitions. The first is "The history of the synthetic fiber factory in Guben" (Ger. "Die Geschichte des Chemiefaserwerkes Guben"), presenting on the one hand exhibits related to the material production process, such as production tools, documents, and sketches of individual technical solutions, as well as numerous everyday items that have been produced in a man-made fiber factory. The second exhibition is devoted to the long tradition of cloth making in the city on the Neisse under the slogan "Fashion in the years 1873-1990". Among the numerous exhibits a a complete collection of fabric samples from the entire period of 127 years, original exhibits of the subject as well as numerous photos and historical documents can be found.

Historical background

The exhibition "Gubener Tuche" is based on the commitment of members of the association "Gubener Tuche und Chemieffaser e.V.". Initially, 49 volunteers wanted to create a chronicle of the multi-faceted history of the textile industry in Guben - thanks to the number of exhibits collected over many years the association was able to create an extensive and rich-in-content exhibition, which can be visited in the building of the former hat factory of C. G. Wilke, located at Friedrich -Wilke-Square, right in the center of Guben.


Gas Str. 4-7, 03172, Guben, Germany

Year of creation/if applies changes

Opening of the exhibition "History of a factory of synthetic fibers": 2008

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Exhibitor: Gubener Tuche und Chemiefasern e.V.
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Very good
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Practical Information

Opening hours:

Tuesday-Friday: 12.00 - 17.00

Sunday: 14:00 – 17:00

Saturdays and holidays: by appointment