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Terraces on the Neisse River with a port

Tourist attractions

Terraces on the Neisse River with a port


A redesigned park area on the west bank of the Neisse River with a 1,200 m long section of the Neisse bicycle path.

Historical background

The beginning of the millennium was a period of intensive revitalization of the city and strengthening of cross-border cooperation for the city authorities of Guben. One of these undertakings, carried out along with the reconstruction of the Old Town of Guben and the demolition of the Gubener Wolle factor, was the redesign of the banks of the Neisse River in 2006 for tourist purposes. The result of this undertaking was the creation of a cross-border, joint park which connects the western bank of the Neisse with the Theater Island on the Polish side and the Koenig Park via pedestrian-bicycle bridge. The site of the former river shipping port, superseded by the railroad, which was becoming more and more popular at the beginning of the 20th century, was renovated, and put into service again in 2014. The old quay wall, the warehouse building, and the historic port railway system with the tram have been adapted for the tourist function.

The remains of the monumental Carl Lehmanns Wwe & Sohn cloth factory was included in the project as the dominant feature of the entire area. Due to the geometry of the ground, affecting its load-bearing capacity from the very beginning of the building's existence, and thus the safety of people staying nearby, according to the condition of the project from May 2021, it is to be dismantled in the near future.


Gubiner Str., 03172, Guben, Deutschland

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