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Gen. A. Waszkiewicz Park

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Gen. A. Waszkiewicz Park


Park of Gen.Aleksander Waszkiewicz is one of the six most important green recreational areas in Gubin. Due to its location, hence the very top of the terminal moraine slope, it is one of the highest and most beautiful central vantage points of the city. Within its boundaries there is a playground, a former amphitheater, and the ruins of Erich Wolf villa, designed by the world-famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The park's recreational functions are complemented by a rich tree stand represented by a wide range of species, including ginkgo, douglas fir and oak.

Historical background

Before World War II, the area of ​​the present park was called the Kaminski Hill (Ger. Kaminskys Berg). The view from the Neisse towards this area was often captured on postcards due to the numerous fruit trees that bloom here spectacularly in the springtime. Thanks to unique atmosphere of this place and the convenient distance from the hustle of the western part of Guben, Kaminski Hill were often chosen as a location for luxury residential building, especially from the beginning of 2nd half of the 19th century. The most famous of them was the modernist villa of Erich Wolf, who was one of the most influential manufacturers in Guben. The building stood at the top of the hill in the years 1926-1945. What is so special about this particular building is the architect behind its conception – the villa was one of the first residential projects of the leading modernist architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and counted as a pearl of European minimalist and functional architecture. Famous Guben cafes and restaurants, including »Sanssouci« and »Kamińsky´s Berg«, were located near the villa.

At the very end of World War II, most of the buildings at the top of the moraine slope, including Wolf's villa, were destroyed, or disassembled, leaving the area unused for decades. Therefore in 1977, at the request of the city authorities of Gubin, a park name by the General Aleksander Waszkiewicz, commander of the 5th Infantry Division during World War II, was created - two years later being enriched with a garrison amphitheater.

Currently, the local governments of the cities of Guben and Gubin are trying to raise funds for the reconstruction of Wolf's villa, thus wanting to restore one of the most important elements that make up the identity of the Eurocity Guben-Gubin.


Park Waszkiewicza, 66-620 Gubin, Poland

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Area: 2,77 ha

Highest point: 69 meters above sea level

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