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Municipal barracks complex of the German and then Polish army

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The former Guben and Gubin barracks consisted of four separate building complexes that were built between the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. These are the von Moltke barracks from 1935, Muckenberg I and Muckenberg II with a mechanical clock from 1938, Muckenberg III from 1939 and the German army garrison barracks built in the 19th century. Each complex was used as an independent unit, i.e. all the military, sanitary and administrative buildings needed to function independently were located here.

Historical background

Historic Gubin was not only a rapidly developing industrial city - for almost 200 years it was the seat of a total of four different garrisons, which consisted of:

  • Garrison of the Army of the German Empire (1816-1919)
  • Wehrmacht garrison (1935–1945)
  • Garrison of the Polish Army (1945–2002)
  • Garrison of the Polish Army (1990-2001)

In the Guben garrison on January 4, 1816, the 2nd Battalion of the 8th Assistant Infantry Regiment began stationing. On February 7, 1864, the 1st Battalion of the 1st Reserve Infantry Regiment left Guben, embarking on the Danish-Prussian war over Schleswig. Throughout the years until 1939, there was always an army in the city. The first barracks building was the present-day orphanage building and the seat of the Gubin Commune at ul. Obrońców Pokoju 20. In the years 1930-1937, the barracks named after von Moltke (Liberation University) and in Komorów - the Mückenbergkaserne barracks complex (Kresowa Street). After the end of operations, the army settled in Gubin's barracks for good.

The political transformation at the beginning of the 1990s resulted in a gradual decline in the number of troops in the garrison. By the decision of the Minister of Defense, the Gubin garrison was finally dissolved in June 2002. The barracks and accompanying facilities remained in Gubin after the army.

The post-military grounds were developed by various companies. In the complex at ul. In Kresowa there was an arrest, in the barracks of the 27th Tank Regiment, a large furniture company and the Community of St. Timothy with the rector's church. Only memories remain of some of the buildings.


Wyzwolenia, 66-620 Gubin, Polen

Year of creation/if applies changes

Barracks Von Moltke: 1935

Muckenberg I and Muckenberg II barracks with mechanical clock: 1938

Muckenberg III barracks: 1939

The garrison barracks of the German Empire Army: 19th century

Object's condition
Most of the buildings (with the exception of the barracks intended for residential buildings) are in a sufficient condition, slowly falling into disrepair. They require a comprehensive renovation.
Technical information

Brick covered with clinker and / or white mineral plaster

Practical Information

The area of all barracks is a private area belonging to the Polish Army Property Agency. Possible entry to their premises depends on the opening hours of the given companies / units. Residential buildings or still unsold buildings can be seen from the street.