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Image: sun clock gubin

Wall clock in the blind located on the third floor of a simple residential building at Wyspiańskiego 13. Its shield is decorated with a bas-relief depicting Gubin parish in an empty field, a tree, and a sun dial closed with clouds and anthropogenizing sun. The only missing element is the gnomon, which unfortunately makes the clock unusable.
The above-described blende is not the only decorative element on the facade - the lower floor is decorated with a bas-relief in a recess of similar dimensions, showing a plant composition with the date of the building's erection and probably its renovation and / or restoration of historic elements as well as symbols of the mason's guild. Presumably, the building could have had a much richer facade, which was simplified later (e.g. after World War II).


Wyspiańskiego 13, 66-620 Gubin, Polen

Year of creation/if applies changes

Wall clock in a tenement house at 13 Wyspańskiego Str.: probably 1904

Object's condition
Very good (no gnomon)
Technical information

Clocks made mainly of hard plaster mass or stone parts

Practical Information

Clocks can be viewed from the street 24/7