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The Ladder to Heaven (Ger.: Große Himmelsleiter)

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The Ladder to Heaven (Ger.: Große Himmelsleiter)


The Ladder to Heaven (Ger.: Große Himmelsleiter, Pl. Drabina do Nieba) in Gubin is a steep, 163-step staircase connecting Zwycięstwa and Gen. Wysockiego streets, built on the western side of the terminal moraine slope.

Currently, the stairs are used mainly for on-feet residential communication and recreational purposes, i.e., as a green passage to the higher part of the Waszkiewicz Park or as a part of a workup routine.

Historical background

The original function of the stairs, built in 1907, was to shorten the road from the lower western part of the city to its eastern districts. This measure proved to significantly decrease the distance between the railway station, the Kaminski Hill and the Guben Hills that were at this time not only the citizens’, but also tourists’ attractions.

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Zwycięstwa / Gen. Wysockiego, 66-620 Gubin, Poland

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Guben municipality
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Technical information

Number of steps: 163

Height difference: 26,5 m

Material: concrete

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