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Sculpture (Female) Swimmer (Ger. Schwimmerin)


Sculpture (Female) Swimmer (Ger. Schwimmerin)


The swimmer is a slender, dignified sculpture set on a granite plinth. It shows a female figure standing on the edge of the pool in a two-piece swimsuit with a bathing cap on her head. He stands up straight, stares straight ahead, and raises her right hand to her head.

Historical background

Hans Eyckworth was a famous sculptor of the post-war era. In his works, he illustrated the socialist image of man. The artist often looked for a suitable background for his works in public space to emphasize the relationship between the sculpture and the surrounding space - this was also the case with the (Female) Swimmer.

Information about the artists

  • Born in 1930 in Gablenz (Germany) - died1995 Sylt, Westerland (Germany)
  • German sculptor and graphic artist. After World War II, he initially worked as a painter and advertising graphic artist.
  • 1952: lieutenant in KVP
  • 1955: studied at the University of Arts in Dresden
  • 1960: master student of the sculptor Fritz Cremer at the Academy of Fine Arts in East Berlin.
  • 1963: independent artist.

Artwork review

The sculpture refers directly to the art of the GDR and shows the socialist image of man. With this bronze sculpture, Hans Eyckworth set an example of a space that complemented an art object.


Kaltenborner Str. 163, 03172 Guben, Germany

Recreational pool (Ger. Freizeitbad)

Year of creation/if applies changes

Date of purchase: 1972-1974

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Hans Eyckworth
Object's condition
Technical information

Height: 1,68 m

Width: 0,52 m

Depth: 0,47 m

Material: bronze on a stone plinth