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Granite ball Bohemian Ring (Ger. Granitkugel Böhmischer Ring)


Granite ball Bohemian Ring (Ger. Granitkugel Böhmischer Ring)


“Slate blocks of various sizes are formed around the base of the ball. Small abstract bronze bas-reliefs adorn ten large slate stones. Filigree carvings, partially raw, shiny or with a green patina, contrast with the large, block-shaped stone formations. Star-shaped avenues lead to the park, in the center of which the spherical sculpture is visible from all sides" - Gisela Hörning Schäfers.

Historical background

“In 2003, the Neumann / Gusenburger office asked me to design the park's axial center on a climbing rock. After various projects, a large granite ball was chosen" - Gisela Hörning Schäfers.

In this way, 4 years later, the entire sculptural composition was created.

Information about the artists

Gisela Hörning-Schäfers

  • Born 1940 at Messinghausen, Westphalia (Germany)
  • 1958: Studies at the Folkwang School in Essen under A. Wamper
  • 1972: self-employment in Paderborn
  • 1974: beginning of individual and collective exhibitions
  • 1982: moving to Berlin
  • From 1986: independent artist working predominantly on public works contract; many works are public and private properties; exhibitions were held both domestically and abroad.

Address: Pückler Str. 19, 14195 Berlin

Artwork review

"This large-scale sculpture blends well with the surrounding environment, provides the viewer with peace and at the same time shows its dominance over him in space" - Gisela Hörning Schäfers.


Hugo-Jentsch-Str., 03172 Guben, Germany

Park am Kletterfelsen

Year of creation/if applies changes

June 2005

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Gisela Hörning-Schäfers, Landscape architects responsible for redesign of the GDR-building blocks’ area: Neumann / Gusenburger
Object's condition
Technical information

Diameter: 2,1 m

Weight: 16 t

Material: granite