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Gable painting The Windows to the Courtyard (Ger. Die Fenster zum Hof)


Gable painting The Windows to the Courtyard (Ger. Die Fenster zum Hof)


A large-scale mural on the side facade of a residential building in Pestalozzi Str. 21, is authored by the Graco Berlin creative agency. It extends over the entire surface of the windowless gable and presents a staged facade with balconies, a historic tram and six important figures in Guben's history: hatter Carl Gottlob Wilke, actress and singer Corona Schröter, GDR president Wilhelm Pieck, historian Hugo Jentsch, Alexander Tschirch and a teacher and a historician Karl Gander.

Historical background

The mural at Pestalozzi Str. can be seen as a part of urban revitalization process of the city of Guben. The rapid demographic decline from 1990, as well as the end of the industrial era, posed great challenges for the city on the Neisse. The measures included in the spatial development plan Guben 2030 provide for the demolition of large housing estates on the outskirts and the modernization of the central districts of the Old East and West Towns. Gubener Wohnungsgesellschaft (GuWo), as a municipal company that has existed for over 100 years, makes a significant contribution to the achievement of the above goals, investing in the renovation and revitalization of existing buildings, with the aim of increasing their attractiveness. The facade of an apartment building on Pestalozzi Str. 21 is a successful example of a combination of utility, local identification, and creativity. The gable wall allows you to reflect on the history of the city and remind yourself of their often internationally known personalities.

Information about the artists

The gable image is a comprehensive team effort by the Berlin-based agency Graco Berlin.

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Pestalozzi Str. 21, 03172 Guben, Germany

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Client: GuWo – Gubener Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH, Design and execution: Graco Berlin
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Very good
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Mural, paint