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Monument and square in memory of Wilhelm Pieck

Historical Monuments

Monument and square in memory of Wilhelm Pieck


Reinforced concrete monument on a pedestal made of concrete slabs, with suspended bronze bas-reliefs depicting scenes from the life of Wilhelm Pieck and everyday socialism. In the middle, just above the rest of the elements, there are two concrete blocks on which a bronze bust of a politician, the date of his birth and death were composed. On the higher concrete column there is a quote uttered by Pieck on October 5, 1950: "[WE ALL] WANT / TO / LIVE IN PEACE / SUCH RIGHT / HAS EVERY NATION" (Ger. "WIR WOLLEN/DOCH ALLE/IN FRIEDEN LEBEN/ UND DAS RECHT/AUF FRIEDEN/HAT JEDES VOLK").

Historical background

A controversial monument in honor of the president of the German Democratic Republic, Wilhelm Pieck, who was born in Guben. The monumental, reinforced concrete body was made in the socialist realism trend typical of that time. Composed of many elements, the large-scale sculpture was officially unveiled in 1976, on the 100th birthday of Wilhelm-Pieck, on the north side of the former Lenin Avenue (Ger. “Leninallee”), today Klaus-Herrmann-Str. Despite the historical and artistic value of the monument, disputed discussions have been taking place in the city for many years about its possible demolition, resulting from the controversial nature of Pieck himself. In 2004 and 2013, the assemble was revitalized.


The intersection of Klaus-Herrmann-Str. and Johann-Crüger-Str., 03172 Guben, Germany

Year of creation/if applies changes

Opening ceremony: 01.03.1976

Renovation: 2014

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Sculptor Gerhard Thieme
Object's condition
Very good
Technical information

Width: approx. 6 m

Height: approx. 8 m

Depth: approx. 3 m

Material: steel, concrete, bronze

Practical Information

Open 24/7. It can be reached directly by bus lines 877 and 890 (Guben stop, Karl-Gander-Str.).