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Mathilde's Blänkner, later Friedrich's Martini, villa

Historical Monuments

Mathilde's Blänkner, later Friedrich's Martini, villa


One of only a few expressionistic buildings in Guben is located on the north-east side of Berliner Str. in Guben. This unique two-storey villa with a mansard roof can be distinguished by a frontal façade with four main axes and high rectangular windows on the ground floor, combined by a sill cornice and a belt cornice running over the lintel. The facade surfaces between the windows on the ground floor are designed as an accordion-like relief. In addition, ashutters between the windows on the upper floor can be seen. On the right-hand side, in the part of the building that is clearly set back, the main entrance with a frame made of stone composite and a slantingly cut wall was located, which can be reached via a five-step outside staircase. To the right of the main entrance there is a transverse rectangular window with a narrow roof and a triangular console. Above it, on the upper floor, another rectangular window with a lintel and the sill was placed. Whole is accompanied by a dormer in the attic on the north and east side of the building.

Inside of the building a few doors from the era, as well as the original foyer structure with a representative staircase have remained until now.

Historical background

The villa at Berliner Str. 36 was built around 1920. The previous building was owned by master carpenter Hawelka. In 1903 it was owned by the merchant H. Kirsch. Mrs. Mathilde Blänker, née Blettermann, w. Reindeer is named as the owner of the property in 1914. She was still living here in 1928, although at that time it belonged already to merchant Friedrich Martini. Today the building serves as a doctor's office.


Berliner Str. 36, 03172 Guben, Deutschland

Year of creation/if applies changes

Construction: 1920

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Possible client: Mathilde Blänkner, born Blettermann
Object's condition
Technical information

Technology: massive, plastered

Practical Information

The villa is located in the heart of Guben's city center and can therefore be easily reached on foot and by bus lines 858, 870, 877, 890, 895. As it is a private property, it can only be visited from the outside.