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Ludewig's estate

Historical Monuments

Ludewig's estate


Renovated residential complex consisting of six terraced and one corner apartment blocks. All facilities are three-story high and share a similar cubature as well as the floor plan. The external consists of visually complementary smooth plastered brick walls with a white facade, red-brown clinker plinths, staircase walls and blue or beige loggias. The window openings on the long side of the building come in different sizes and shapes. In addition to rectangular balconies, balconies in the shape of dovetail nests were also installed.

Historical background

By designing six modern apartment blocks, the architect Willi Ludewig enriched the elements of modernism in Guben with a new, pro-social element. The residential complex ordered by GeWoBa Guben was originally supposed to be many times larger, but it could not be implemented in the prescribed form, due to the tangible effects of the global economic crisis, which has been noticeable for many years in Guben. The aim of the project was to alleviate the housing shortage in the 1920s and to implement the social housing program of the Weimar Republic. Despite focusing on cost-saving solutions and thus limiting to creating only the most important elements, the complex is characterized by high architectural and urban quality. The row system of blocks, their optimal location in relation to the natural sunlight as well as a large number of green areas complete the flagship idea of modernist construction.


Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 40 a-d, 42 a-c, 44 a-d, 46 a-d, 48 a-c, 50 a-d, 03172 Guben, Germany

Year of creation/if applies changes

Construction works: 1928-1932

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Architect Willi Ludewig
Object's condition
Technical information

Material: brick, clinker, glass, wood

Technology: plastered, massive

Practical Information

Available for viewing from outside 24/7