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Climbing rock and park Reichenbacher Zinne

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Climbing rock and park Reichenbacher Zinne


Reichenbacher Zinne is an artificially created red-brown climbing rock made of concrete slabs. There are 17 climbing routes of varying difficulty here.

Historical background

Due to the falling population, caused by structural and economic changes, the Guben Town Hall decided in 2003 to rebuild the city. During the demolition of the existing and the reorganization of the undeveloped land created in this way, the local sports club proposed to the city to create an artificial climbing rock from the concrete slabs collected during the demolition. Thanks to the engagement of this initiator, the Guben section of the German Alpine Club established in 1892, a unique and very popular meeting place for climbing enthusiasts could be created.


Hugo-Jentsch-Str., 03172 Guben, Germany

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Investor/architect/creator etc.
German Alpine Club and City of Guben
Object's condition
Very Good
Technical information

Total height: 16 m

Material: concrete slabs, red-brown spray plaster

Practical Information

Open 24/7