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City Park (Ger. Stadtpark)

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City Park (Ger. Stadtpark)


West of Guben's city center a 2-hectare biodiverse city park is located that connects the upper and lower parts of the city. This historically valuable, urban green area serves as an open exhibition place for dozen stone sculptures. Due to insufficient maintenance and acts of vandalism, the park has been in need of renovation for years. For this reason, the city park was included in the INTERREG project "Europark - redesign of the Euroregional natural and cultural heritage for the development of cross-border tourism" in order to carry out the necessary revitalization measures. An expansion measures such as the creation of aviaries for birds in the adjacent northern area of ​​the park was also planned. "The main goals of the project are the preservation of this natural and cultural heritage as well as the exploitation of the potential of the region as an impulse for development in the field of tourism and leisure time recreation in the German-Polish border area. The subject of the present project is the revitalization and expansion of natural history objects and parks in the "Europark" area, and their joint marketing combined with German-Polish exchanges of experience[1]"

Historical background

Guben’s city park was created in 1972 through the voluntary work of over 1000 citizens of the then Wilhelm-Pieck-City Guben. The water-lily municipal pond (Ger. Gubener Stadtparkteich) dug directly on the Schwarzer Fließ lost its popularity among the citizens and now is only associated with an urban population of waterfowl. While walking through the park numerous stone sculptures that were a gift to the city on the World Day of Peace in 1985 can be seen[2]".

In 2018, a " decision on redesigning the City Park (...) was set. According to the plan, the implementation of the overall concept will cost around two million euros. (...) Guben citizens that were engaged in the consultation process opted for a project that would be enhance the natural potential of the area. [Therefore] Almost 70,000 euros are planned for [renaturation measures]. (..) The path system also needs to be renewed[3]". Equipping the park with benches, sculptures and a botanical nature trail was also planned.

The above-described measures have not yet been carried out.


Am Stadtpark, 03172 Guben, Germany

Year of creation/if applies changes

Start of construction: 08.04.1972

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Voluntary commitment of more than 1000 citizens of the former Wilhelm Pieck town
Object's condition
Good, but in need of renovation
Technical information

Circumference: 2.1 km

Area: 212,203.23 m²

Practical Information

The villa is situated about a 10-minute walk from the Guben train station and 3 minutes from the Plastinarium. As it is a private property, it can only be visited from the outside.