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Detail at the entrance to high school incl. the school building


Detail at the entrance to high school incl. the school building


The detail surrounding both sides of entrance portal to the current general school complex in Gubin shows four groups of young girls going to school. Each of the scenes presents three to four girls (ratio 3-4-3-3 counting from the left), about 6-8 years old, partially supporting the heads of decorative pilasters above them. This unique architecture detail relates directly to the original function of the building, i.e., to the new seat of the girls’ higher school (Ger. Höhere Töchterschule). "[The architect of the school] (..) Johaness Römmler (..) created a wonderful building, which was tastefully and elegantly furnished inside, and which outside was perfectly suited to the villa urbana surroundings" - Wiadomości Gubińskie XVII No. 6/2010 (416).

Historical background

On April 28, 1908, a new college for girls (Ger.: Höhere Töchterschule) was opened, replacing its original seat, existing in 1868-1908. The described details were most probably created until 1908 as well.

"On 15.10.1945, the Municipal Secondary School and Coeducational Secondary School in Gubin began their activities in the building at Warszawska Str., next to the already existing Public Primary School, which occupied one storey" (SPZG).

Information about the artists

Johannes Römmler was the son of the famous entrepreneur August Hermann Römmler from Spremberg. Johannes was an important figure in pre-war Guben - his most important role for the city was his occupation as a city architect and councilor of the municipal building unit. He designed many of Guben’s most important public buildings, incl. a girls' college, city museum, fire brigade building or crematorium. An interesting fact is the transformation of his architectural styles over the years: from historicism, through the reform style, to modernism and Bauhaus.

Artwork review

Due to the fact that it is not an artwork, an artistic review cannot be written.


Piastowska 26, 66-620 Gubin, Poland

Year of creation/if applies changes

Official school opening day: 23.04.1908

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Architect Johannes Römmler
Object's condition
Very Good
Technical information

Material: stone