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Memorial plaque on former Karl Gander's home

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Memorial plaque on former Karl Gander's home


On the front facade of a 19th century tenement house at Kresowa Str., a stone memorial plaque has been placed, commemorating Karl Gander, a historian of the Guben region, who lived here. The following text in German and Polish was placed on the board in gilded script: "This house was the home of a historian from Gubin, Karl Gander (1855-1945), author of the book" The History of the City of Gubin "(Ger. "Hier wohnte der Heimatsforscher Karl Gander (1855-1945) Sein Hauptwerk "Geschichte der Stadt Guben").

The ceremonial unveiling of the plaque took place on 10.03.2018.

Historical background

As a teacher, historian and regionalist, Karl Gander is one of the most important personalities in the history of the Eurowane Guben-Gubin. The farmer's son, born in 1855 in Coschen, moved to Guben, where he lived and worked in 1876-1914. He was the author of many books on the history of Guben and Lower Lusatia, and the chairman of the "Lower Lusatian Society of Anthropology and Prehistoric Times". His main work "The History of the City of Guben" from 1925, which was based on the notes and literature of another very important Guben personage, historian and professor Hugo Jetzsch. Other works by Gander are: "Prehistoric monuments from the city and the district of Guben" (Ger. "Die prähistorischen Altertümer aus dem Stadt- und Landkreise Guben"), "The cemetery near Sadersdorf in the district of Guben and the youngest Germanic era in Lower Lusatia" (Ger. "Das Gräberfeld bei Sadersdorf im Kreise Guben und die jüngste Germanenzeit der Niederlausitz ")," Church memories from the pre-reformation times Guben "(Ger.“Kirchliche Erinnerungen aus der vorreformatorischen Zeit Gubens"), numerous Lower Sorbian folk tales - and a book of the Lower Sorbian folk tales ("Guben - die Perle der Lausitz"). Scientists and historians still use his work as a reliable source of information, as many of the city's archives were lost after the Second World War. Karl Gander's time in Guben ended as he fled the impending war. Gander died on 12.03.1945 in Passau and was buried in the cemetery of the heroes and soldiers of Passau Hospital.


Kresowa 7, 66-620 Gubin, Poland

Year of creation/if applies changes

Implementation of the board: 2017-2018

Official unveiling: 10.03.2018

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Originator and financial producer: Andreas Peter
Object's condition
Very Good
Technical information

Material: light red granite with golden inscriptions

Practical Information

The plaque and the house itself can be viewed 24/7 from the side of Kresowa Str., with the request not to disturb the residents of the tenement house.