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The building and the reservoir of the former, 19th century municipal waterworks

Tourist attractions

The building and the reservoir of the former, 19th century municipal waterworks


The building next to the reservoir of the former water supply system in Gubin is a brick structure constructed in the neo-Gothic style, located on the premises of the present Primary School No. 2. The rotunda, already out of use, served as an equalizing reservoir for almost 100 years. Currently, the building is part of the school yard, which includes a playground and a public playground. By covering the south-west part of the building with low greenery, the building gives the surrounding area a very interesting character.

Historical background

The expansion tank at Szkolna 1 is a remnant of the 19th century water supply system supplying the entire Guben with utility water.

The decision to modernize the city-wide water system at that time was made by the city council of Guben on 14.02.1896. Its reason was the insufficient capacity of the already existing pumping station located in the western part of the city, resulting from too large differences in the height of the land, in particular on the eastern bank of the Nysa Łużycka. In this situation, it was necessary to build additional equalizing tanks at the top of the terminal moraine slope, allowing for a much more efficient transmission of drinking water in the water pipes. Due to the importance and criticality of the infrastructure, the construction had to be carried out as soon as possible, using the most modern solutions that would guarantee long-term profitability of the investment. In this way, in 1897, the company Aird & Co from Berlin, in cooperation with the hydrotherman prof. dr. Behrendem handed over to the city two modern gas-powered pumping stations serving three tanks with a capacity of 1,240 m3, 430 m3 and 430 m3, connected to the rest of the water supply system by a 225 mm pipe.

The design and its execution were so innovative that they gained recognition not only in the German Empire (including at the Exhibition of German Cities in Dresden) but also outside Europe, obtaining in 1904 during the World Exhibition in St. Louis in the United States of America award.


Szkolna 1, 66-620 Gubin, Poland

Year of creation/if applies changes


Investor/architect/creator etc.
Aird & Co from Berlin, prof. dr. Behrend
Object's condition
Green area around the reservoir: very good condition, Main reservoir: requires modernization and conservation works, Main tower: requires modernization and conservation works
Technical information

Main tank diameter: 21 m

Total length: approx. 38 m

Three water tanks with a capacity of 1,240 m3 (Szkolna Str.), 430 m3, 430 m3 (Różana Str.)

Practical Information

The facility is available 24/7, but due to its location on the school grounds, it is recommended to visit the facility from 17:00 (hence after the school time) from Monday to Friday and at weekends.