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Industrial area Gubin

Industrial location

Municipal commune of Gubin

In Gubin, a town located on the border with Germany, there are still several hectares of investment land provided with full infrastructure with the status of a subzone of the Kostrzyń-Słubice Special Economic Zone. Recent years have shown, that Gubin is an ideal place for development of a company or for setting up a business manufacturing goods designed mainly for the German or Western-European market. An example can be Tekra ( production of elements for Liebehr cranes), Formaplan ( making drawers for IKEA) and TVG ( manufacture of air ventilation).

Despite much interest of potential investors in Gubin, the town still has some attractive land designed for economic activity. The plots are located in Legnicka Street, where a new industrial zone is being established. Approximately 10 hectares of building plots has excellent communication links with the national road 32 which leads from Zielona Góra to Cottbus. This means that the distance to the border crossing in Gubinek is only 2 kilometres and to reach the network of German highways takes 30 minutes. Other land with similar characteristics is located in Śląska Street, where approximately 6 hectares of fully developed land is offered for sale. It is in their close vicinity where one of the biggest photovoltaic farms in Poland operates.
There are also other plots worth mentioning, namely: developed plots in Koszarowa Street, successfully functioning economic activity zone in Przemysłowa Street and 25 hectares in Róża Luxembourg Street. A big advantage of the land mentioned, apart from good communication links and infrastructure, is the price, which is definitely lower than the price offered in neighbouring towns such as Żary, Słubice and Zielona Góra.
A feature distinguishing Gubin from other towns are human resources. The Polish part of the Euro-Town possesses well equipped staff which, is basically bilingual and speaks German very well. The local authorities' intention and readiness to cooperate and offer to help in finalizing investments is also worth mentioning. It should also be stressed that entrepreneurs can enjoy tax deduction by virtue of the "de minimis" resolution, or other additional payments from the District Employment Agency.
It is also notable to point out the newly opened shopping mall "Hosso" in the town centre. Thanks to this Gubin is able to welcome well recognized international brands, which were not present there before, and to give jobs to approximately 300 people. At the same time, the shopping mall has become a trade centre in the Euro-Town Guben-Gubin.

To summarize it in one word, Gubin is an ideal place for business development.

Contact Person for investments:

Krzysztof Kaciunka
Municipal Office in Gubin
ul.Piastowska 24
66-620 Gubin

+48 684558297
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.