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Why Guben/Gubin

Industrial location

Location and citizens

The towns of Guben (Spree-Neiße poviat) and Gubin (Krosno poviat) are situated on the Polish-German border. Owing to the geopolitical location the towns are more and more gaining importance in terms of economy and tourism. Both towns form a typical cross-border town with the status of an "eurotown".
At the end of 2018 r. Guben was inhabited by 17.149 citizens, whereas in Gubin there were 16.277 citizens.

Communication links

The "Eurotown" Guben-Gubin is located at the federal road no 112 (D) and the national road no 32 (PL) on the section between Zielona Góra and Cottbus. The towns of Guben and Gubin are in close proximity to the motorways A2/A12 (50 km) and A15 (40 km) and at the short distance to Berlin ( 100 km), Dresden (160 km), Poznań (180 km), Wrocław (210 km). In a close neighbourhood there are academic centres with the universities: the University of Zielona Góra (50 km), Branderburg University of Technology Cottbus – Senftenberg (40 km), Viadrina European University in Frankfurt upon Oder and Collegium Polonicum in Słubice (50 km).

Rail transport:

  • Guben–Berlin 125 km
  • Guben–Frankfurt (Oder) 49 km
  • Guben–Cottbus 38 km
  • Guben–Leipzig 187 km
  • Guben–Poznań 180 km
  • Guben-Wroclaw 200 km
  • Guben-Warsaw 500 km

Air transport :

  • Berlin-Schönefeld Airport - approximately 100 km
  • Berlin-Tegel Airport -approximately 120 km
  • Dresden Airport -approximately 160 km

Area details

  • Guben 44 km²
  • Gubin 20,68 km²

Important institutions

The "Eurotowan" Guben-Gubin is the seat of various offices and institutions: poviat office branches, town offices, regional court branches, employment agencies and offices, police headquarters, notary's offices, lawyer's offices, banks, insurance companies, etc.

Economic potential

There are many service companies based in both towns. The leading businesses deal with plastics and chemical industry.
One of the biggest companies in Guben is Trevira GmbH (approximately 590 employees), Megaflex Schaumstoff GmbH (approximately 400 employees), Peter und Cornelia Dreißig bakery KG (with approximately 200 employees in Guben and 800 employees in the branches located in various places between Dresden and Berlin) and ATT Polymers GmbH.

The predominant role in the business activity of Gubin is played by furniture and feature metalwork companies. The leading in this field are: „A.Z. Iwaniccy – Upholstered Furniture" (approximately 600 employees), Tekra Ltd. ( approximately 240 employees) and TVG Ltd., „HOREX”.

Investment offer

The towns of Gubin and Guben focus much attention on their economic development and try to exploit their economic potentials by providing attractive investment projects offering the greatest advantages. The Eurotown Guben-Gubin is an attractive location for running a business activity providing direct links to both the national as well as international markets. Potential investors can select from the variety of investment areas and plots designed for economic activity.

The only in the region industrial zone lies in the southern outskirts of Guben (when going from Forst). The total area of the zone is 124,85 hectares, including 25,79 available, fully developed areas designed for new investments. The other 3,78 hectares is private. Presently, there are 35 companies operating here employing 1.500 workers. Apart from the strong centre of chemical industry in the western part of Guben, there is also an economic activity zone Deulowitz which possesses a direct connection with the federal road 112. This zone is first of all concerned about crafts, food industry and services.

Attractive land designed for economic activity is located in Gubin in Legnicka Street, where a new industrial zone is being established. Approximately 10 hectares of building plots has excellent communication links with the national road 32 which leads from Zielona Góra to Cottbus. Other land with similar characteristics is located in Śląska Street. In the close vicinity one of the biggest photovoltaic farms in Poland operates. There are also other plots worth mentioning, namely: developed plots in Koszarowa Street, successfully functioning economic activity zone in Przemysłowa Street and 25 hectares in Róża Luxembourg Street.

Economic advantages

Economic advantages of the Eurotown Guben-Gubin are the following:

cross-border location,
landscape and tourist attractions (agritourism, cycling, pleasure cruising, many rivers, lakes and fish ponds, architectural and natural monuments) ,
close vicinity to academic centres as well as the availability of well qualified specialists both on the German and the Polish job market,
human resources,
active support from local offices without unnecessary bureaucracy,
exemptions and preferences offered to investors (Special Economic Zone in Gubin),
attractive investment areas,
high level and dynamic development of technical infrastructure,
strengthened economic and social connections with neighbouring communes,
well-developed trade and service offer,
good opportunities for education and vocational training ( vocational schools and universities), good cooperation with employment agencies,
good access to power and gas networks, to drinking and industrial water facilities, as well as to the sewage system (mutually shared water treatment plant for Gubin and Guben).

Distinctions and Awards

the town of Guben:

  1. 12.2006 the national competition „The Most Economy-friendly Commune of Brandenburg 2006“

the town of Gubin:

  • September 17th, 2010 r.: awarded distinction in the best building facility competition „Lubuski Mister budowy – 2009 series” in the category of roads and bridges.
  • May 21st 2013 r.: an award for model projects as part of the Polish-German cooperation granted in Berlin by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and City Planning. The project "Green Path" was awarded a distinction.

Aerial view of the cities of Guben and Gubin