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Sculture Apple Table (Ger. Apfeltisch)


Sculture Apple Table (Ger. Apfeltisch)


Near the German-Polish border, in the very center of the Guben city center, there is an apple tree figure made of four vertically intersecting stainless steel plates. Another disc, cutting the others about 2/3 of their height, fulfills the informal function of a table plate.

Historical background

The apple is an important symbol for Guben - it refers to the centuries-old tradition of horticulture, which, along with viticulture, the art of river navigation and widely understood trade, was for centuries one of city’s most important economic sectors. With the industrial revolution in the nineteenth century, the city transformed into a hat and cloth metropolis, dominating the economic development of the region for the next decades.

The Apple Table was modeled on the silhouette of the apple - one of the most famous symbols of Guben. It serves as an "information apple" on which tourist announcements and marketing materials of the city are placed. Due to its quite large dimensions, the object is visible from a distance, inviting visitors to look at the nearby promotion point of the region.

The facility was commissioned and financed entirely by the Marketing und Tourismus Guben e.V. The project was carried out in Gubener Kunstgilde under the direction of Manfred Ewersbach. The company MAS GmbH Guben was responsible for the execution. Detailed information on the sculpture can be obtained from Olaf Pehle, Technical Manager of MAS GmbH Guben.

The text above is based on the material provided by the company MAS GmbH.

Information about the artists

Klaus Bramburger

  • Born in 1936 in the area of today's Gubin
  • 1963-1968: studied painting at the special school of painting and graphics in Dresden, Cottbus branch.
  • Later, he studied ceramics and plastic for two years.
  • 1971: received the 3rd Carl Blechen Prize
  • 1977: awarded the "Medal for Merit in the National Artistic Creativity",
  • 1974: runs his own studio in Guben.

Artwork review

The sculpture is an example of applied art, serving as an information stand for Marketing und Tourismus Guben e.V. The silhouette of the apple is to resemble the centuries-old tradition of apple picking. Here the tradition meets the modern look of stainless steel and represents a combination of a contemporary work of art with the colorful history of the city.


Frankfurter Str. 21, 03172 Guben, Germany

In front of Marketing und Tourismus Guben e.V.

Year of creation/if applies changes


Investor/architect/creator etc.
Design: Klaus Bramburger, Production: Maschinen- und Anlagen-Service GmbH
Object's condition
Very Good
Technical information

Height: about 1,50 m

Material: stainless steel