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Tile-Mural Universe-Earth-Man (Ger. Weltall-Erde-Mensch)


Tile-Mural Universe-Earth-Man (Ger. Weltall-Erde-Mensch)


On a long, cement base covered with red tiles there is a plate with a length of approx. 3,50 m, also tiled, with a tile-mural by Siegrid Noack with the title "Universe-Earth-Man" (Ger. "Welltall-Erde-Mensch"). Painted on a black background in vivid shades of blue, yellow and red, the figures introduce a universe full of individual motifs. In the center there are two naked children surrounded by animals: a boy sitting and playing the flute, and a girl standing next to him, holding a ray of abstract, overgrown sun, which rises from her one hand. The right side of the image shows an underwater diver looking at a coral, surrounded by large and small fish. In the space between him and the children there is a straight ladder to heaven that seems to lead straight into a cloud. To the left of the children, the city, and far above them, an astronaut floating in space and waving his hands can be seen.

Historical background

The painting is one of the artist's first major works. While working on the mural, Siegrid Noack created her own, colored glaze tiles, revealing their beauty after a 36-hour firing process at over 1000 degrees Celsius. After the end of the creative process, the district council decided to place the work on a free-standing wall in the area of the Rosa Luxemburg school.

Information about the artists

  • Born in 1947 in Guben (Germany)
  • 1967-1972: graduate studies at the University of Fine Arts in Dresden under Herbert Kunze and Gerhard Kettner
  • 1977-1979: graduate student at Berlin Academy of Arts with Lea Grundig and Jürgen von Woyski
  • 1979-1989: study visits to Georgia, Yemen, Slovakia
  • 1991: study visit in Italy
  • 2001: scholarship holder of the Käthe Dorsch Foundation
  • 2002-2005: trips to Italy, Spain, France, Crete
  • 2017: study grant from the Brandenburg Ministry of Culture.

Artwork review

The colorful works of Sigrid Noack refer to the tradition of abstract expressionism. "Her art does not need an explanatory interpretation. All works express the joy of what has been seen and what has been experienced. Nevertheless, warning signs are not missed - the warnings against the loss of happiness and peace" (..).

"Pure colors glisten against the black background of the mural. Warm, dark red completes the (..) elevated background that surrounds this tile-mural. The back, equipped with asbestos panels, was left as a background for children's imagination. The perception of the mural with the surrounding nature is a composition. aesthetic experiences, beauty and the meaning of art".

Quote from Reinhild Tetzlaff at Lausitzer Rundschau.


Corona-Schröter-Str. 25, 01372 Guben, Germany

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Investor/architect/creator etc.
Siegrid Noack
Object's condition
Technical information

Height: 2 m

Length: 9 m

Material: Meissen glazed, colorful ceramics fixed on a brick and plastered wall