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Theater Island with the remains of the former City Theater

Historical Monuments

Theater Island with the remains of the former City Theater


A park layout with a memorial of the former city theater, two sculptures and monuments of nature, located on a river island, right at the mouth of the Lubsza River into the Neisse River.

Historical background

The history of the island itself dates back to the medieval times a river embankment was formed by the sands deposited from the Lubsza river, began to be used by the townspeople of Guben. In the 16th century, the artificial island was taken over by the local Shooting Brotherhood (Ger. Schützenverein), which adapted the area to its needs, opening some of its parts for Guben citizens. Over time, due to the efforts of the brotherhood and donations of the local communities, the so-called Shooting Islang, with its shooting range operating until the end of the 19th century, and a well-kept green area, became the city's landmark.

In 1873, by decision of the citizens' commission, the land was sold for the construction of a Neoclassical theater with a capacity of 750 guests. The theater was officially opened a year later with Wolfgan von Goethe's Faust play. In 1905, in front of the theater a memorial of Corona Schröter, an opera singer and actress from Guben, was unveiled. Although the building survived the Second World War, it was destroyed in a fire of unknown cause in September 1945.

The current symbol of the theater is the entrance pediment built in the 20th century with original columns on its top and stone steps. After renovation, the island was opened on 27.06.2010. Currently, the park layout is a frequently visited re-creation site and is part of the cross-border "green path" (Ger. Grüner Pfad, Pol. Zielona Ścieżka).


At the mound of Lubsza to the Neisse, through a bridge with an official border crossing

Year of creation/if applies changes

In use by the townspeople: 14th-17th century

Establishment of a park / garden with a shooting range: 1671

From 1873-1874 as Theater Island

Investor/architect/creator etc.
Former Theater: Oskar Titz, Park: Shooting Brotherhood (Ger. Schützenverein)
Object's condition
Park: very good, Theater: destroyed
Technical information

Length: 370 m

Width: 37 m

Area: 1,37 ha

Practical Information

Available for sightseeing 24/7