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Town Hall


the Association of Friends of the Gubińskie Region, an information board was set up.

The present seat of the Gubin City Hall is located in a magnificent, three-storey building built in the historicist trend, in an eclectic Neo-Renaissance style reminiscent of the Dutch Renaissance. The whole building consists of two buildings - the front one, based on the letter L, and the rear one. The façade was finished with red clinker and white sandstone, used mainly in the finishing of decorative elements, including monumental gables. Above the main entrance to the building, on a hipped slate roof, there is a soaring, low, four-sided turret, supported on brick pillars and closed with a tented roof, topped with a spire.

Historical background

The building of the current City Hall was built in 1894 at Grüne Wiese Str. (now Piastowska Str.) and served as the seat of the district authorities of Guben (1818-1945), located until 1950 * in the Prussian district of Frankfurt, in the province of Brandenburg. A year after the end of World War II and the establishment of a new Polish-German border during the Potsdam Conference, the Gubin poviat was created, which was incorporated into the newly created Poznań voivodeship - until the poviat was dissolved in 1961, the building at 26 Piastowska Str. was the seat of the county. In 1962, after its dissolution, the building became the seat of the City Hall again.

The current mayor of Bartłomiej Bartczak is the 13th manager of this building and the 18th owner of the town after 1945.

* The district of Guben still existed after the end of World War II, only on the German side until 1950.


Piastowska 24, 66-620 Gubin, Poland

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Guben County Authority, architect: unknown
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Technical information

Front building: approximately 41 m long and 14,5-18 m wide

Building in the back: approximately 14 meters long and wide

Practical Information

The City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 07:30 to 15:30. Please note that it is not a tourist attraction. Before entering the building, read the applicable COVID-19 restrictions.